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Build something great in a secure business environment with one of Canada's highest employee retention rates. Prince Edward Island's overall business expenses are 20 to 30% lower than other North American locations (according to the KGPM's Competitive Alternative Study) making it the perfect place to expand your video game studio.

Growth in PEI

Population: As of July 1, 2021, PEI's population is
estimated to be 164,318. This represents a 1.9% annual
growth rate.

Positive Growth: PEI is Canada's only province to show
continued economic growth since 2008, and that
economic performance was resilient through the
challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic as well.
Wholesale trade advanced 2.8% and investment in
building construction remained robust, up 7.3% on a
year-to-date basis through July 2020.

Your Studio Works Here

  • Low-Risk Jurisdiction within Canada
  • Quarterly Labour Rebate for all Video Game business functions.
  • First office location through LaunchPadPEI
  • Local education programs working with industry
  • Skilled and available talent pool
  • Affordable Housing Location
  • Collaborative federal, provincial and municipal

PEI's Video Game Sector:

The video game sector in PEI continues to grow in size and prominence. Video game companies in PEI benefit from world-class mobile development talent, highly-competitive business costs, marketing and capital assistance, and partners and programs to help you succeed.

PEI's business incubators, LaunchPad and Startup Zone, offer first-year office space, entrepreneurial services, access to investors, and sponsorship support for Canada's Start Up Visa Program.

PEI's Video Game Labour Rebate:

We offer a unique and innovative approach to help studios. A labour rebate is much more flexible than traditional tax credits.

PEI's Video Game Labour Rebate:

  • Rebate on labour expenditures based on PEI
  • Easy claiming process – no complex filing
  • Quarterly claiming process to ease cash flow
  • No limits on job functions
  • Companies are pre-approved before costs are incurred

PEI-based Video Game companies:

Ryan Filsinger

Kabam Inc.

"Working in the Game Industry in PEI has been a dream come true. I've spent the last 14 years here building and working with the world's largest brands (The Simpsons, Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, and Disney to name just a few). It has allowed me to see the world, grow my career, and keep my family in one place. If you look across the industry, having your whole career in one location is basically unheard of and PEI has allowed me to do just that. The local talent is world class and the quality of life is unmatched. I couldn't imagine doing this anywhere else."

Ryan Filsinger
The Video Game Sector in Prince Edward Island, Canada