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Advanced Marine Technology Tax Rebate

With the success of the marine technologies companies in Prince Edward Island, a cluster development initiative took place within the sector. Advanced marine technology has the potential to parallel the success of the aerospace industry in PEI.

Aerospace and Defence Tax Rebate

There are over 900 employees in the aerospace industry across Prince Edward Island - the majority of these jobs are at Slemon Park. Slemon Park is a 1,500 acre business park located just outside of Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

Arts Grants program

The mandate of the PEI Arts Grants is to support, assist, encourage and represent the arts community in the province. Funding is available to Prince Edward Island artists through a juried grant application process.

Business Development Assistance

Use this online form to apply for Business Development Assistance for your PEI business in one of the following areas: business improvement, business start-up and expansion, tax incentives, or trade and marketing assistance.

Broadband Fund

The availability of stable, high‑speed Internet infrastructure is critical for access to essential resources and public services, and to enable economic growth and diversification. The Prince Edward Island Broadband Fund provides financial assistance to local Prince Edward Island internet service providers (ISPs), communities and businesses for the installation of infrastructure for enhanced broadband services.

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Capital Acquisition Assistance

The Capital Acquisition Support provides financial help to Prince Edward Island businesses in getting the infrastructure needed from start-up to international exporting.

Craft Development Assistance

The Craft Development assistance gives financial help to Prince Edward Island craftspeople. This helps to expand the production of quality crafts for local and export market needs.

Cultural Tourism Festivals and Events Funding

Your non-profit organization may be eligible for up to $2,500 to assist with costs to attract off-Island visitors to your festival or event. The amount of funding offered through the Cultural Tourism Festivals and Events Funding Program is based on the number of visitors you expect to attract.

Development and Commercialization Fund

The Development and Commercialization Fund assists businesses through the final stages of developing a new product or service.

Enriched Investment Tax Credit

The Enriched Investment Tax Credit adds to the existing PEI Investment Tax Credit of 10 per cent. It is applied to certain capital investments by manufacturing and processing companies.

Food Product Development Assistance

Assistance is available to Prince Edward Island companies to access professional and technical help when creating or improving a new food product or process. This technical help can be used to develop and test new and improved products and processes, and other technical development-related activities.

Futurpreneur Canada

Innovation PEI is a proud community partner offering services with Futurpreneur Canada which is a national non-profit organization providing pre-launch expertise, business resources, start-up financing and mentoring to help you start and run your own successful business.

Graduate Students and Post-doctoral Fellowship

The Graduate Students and Post-doctoral Fellowship supports students and fellows wishing to undertake innovative research on industry relevant projects under the guidance of a strong research team and supervisor.

Human Resources Implementation Assistance

The Human Resources Implementation Assistance is designed to help new, existing and growing Prince Edward Island business. This will build value in your small or medium sized company through strengthened human resource skills.

Human Resources Planning Assistance

The Human Resources Planning Assistance is designed to help your company to develop long-term human resource policies for the recruitment and retention of employees.

Ignition Fund

The Ignition Fund is a competitively based innovation fund for entrepreneurs seeking start-up capital for a new business venture. Innovation PEI will invest seed capital that will allow successful applicants to turn venture ideas into tangible, viable businesses.

Incoming Buyers Assistance

The Incoming Buyers Assistance is for active exporters and export-ready companies on Prince Edward Island. With this assistance, you would receive support to bring Canadian buyers and business partners to the province in order to gain or strengthen business relationships.

Information Technology Implementation Assistance

The Information Technology Implementation Program contributes funds toward the cost of implementing the new IT strategies recommended through the Information Technology Planning Program or a similar assessment.

Information Technology Planning Assistance

The Information Technology (IT) Planning Assistance is for helping new and existing Prince Edward Island small businesses get advice to estimate the information technologies needed for their business.

Innovation and Development Labour Rebate

The Innovation and Development Labour Rebate (IDLR) is a refundable labour rebate, which may apply to projects in support of the development and/or commercialization of new products, processes, and services that will be sold primarily beyond the borders of PEI.



LaunchPad offers financial assistance to improve the success rate for start-up companies in Prince Edward Island. A new company starting in Prince Edward Island or established companies from outside the province intending to operate in PEI, which demonstrate the potential to create new jobs and wealth in Prince Edward Island, may be eligible for support.

Lobster Holding Assistance

The Live Lobster Holding Assistance is designed to address space issues and to manage the market supply of live and processed lobsters on PEI. Through this program, government can provide financial help for the building and growth of land-based live lobster holding facilities.

Marketing Assistance

The Marketing Support Assistance helps Prince Edward Island businesses with their marketing costs from start-up through to international exporting.

PEI Film Media Fund

The PEI Film Media Fund supports the development, growth, and sustainability of homegrown, independent film in the private-sector film, television and video industry in Prince Edward Island.

Productivity Improvement Assistance

The Productivity Improvement Assistance supports Prince Edward Island businesses to improve productivity in order to pursue trade and export opportunities more competitively in the global marketplace.

Professional Services Assistance

The Professional Services Assistance provides a non-repayable contribution towards the cost for a Prince Edward Island small business to hire a professional for business development services. The project must provide economic benefit to the province and cannot jeopardize similar businesses.

Quality Improvement Assistance

The Quality Improvement Support contributes to the cost for Prince Edward Island companies to hire a professional to create or improve a system for quality improvement within the company or provide a certified quality education program for management.

Rental Incentive Assistance

The Rental Incentive Assistance contributes to rental costs for Prince Edward Island companies to establish a new business or to expand existing production capabilities.

Share Purchase Tax Credit

The Share Purchase Tax Credit provides a tax rebate to a Prince Edward Island personal individual, aged 19 or over, who invests in an eligible Prince Edward Island company.

Small Business Investment Grant

The Small Business Investment Grant helps Prince Edward Island’s small businesses improve efficiency and innovation by way of a non-repayable financial contribution toward eligible capital asset costs.

Specialized Labour Tax Credit

The Specialized Labour Tax Credit provides an incentive for workers with specialized expertise or skills not yet available in Prince Edward Island to accept employment here. Who is eligible for Specialized Labour Tax Credit?

Trade Mission Support

The Trade Assistance helps your Prince Edward Island small business to explore new business opportunities by participating in coordinated outbound trade missions and trade shows focused on international exporting (in-market business to business missions...

Web Presence Assistance

You may apply for financial assistance to establish a website if your business or industry association does not already have a web presence. This funding is a non-repayable contribution to design, develop, and host a website as well as to register a unique URL domain name.

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