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Renewable Energy

Over 30% of the province's electrical needs are furnished through a combination of provincially owned and private wind developments.

Known as the Green Province, Prince Edward Island has established itself as a North American leader in wind energy and is positioned for leadership in emerging renewable energies.

Before it was trendy, Prince Edward Island recognized that there was value in the strong winds that blew across our Island. The Atlantic wind test site was established in North Cape, Prince Edward Island, more than 25 years ago. Since that time, it has evolved into the Wind Energy Institute of Canada, the wind energy industry's new centre of excellence. The institute has vast experience serving the North American wind industry.

Wind Integration ChartLeaders in Wind Energy Research & Integration:

Through extensive research and development, Prince Edward Island has become a leader in building wind capacity and combining it with PEI's electricity needs. Over 30% of the province's electrical needs are provided by wind through a combination of provincially owned and private wind developments.

Prince Edward Island is ideally placed to continue to be a leading pioneer in wind energy based on:

  • Building on research capacity at the Wind Energy Institute of Canada and University of Prince Edward Island.
  • A highly skilled and capable workforce with industry specific programming, such as the Wind Energy Technician program at Holland College.
  • Prince Edward Island's small size makes it an ideal test site for research and development.

Setting our Sails beyond Wind:

Prince Edward Island is continuing its pioneering tradition in renewable energy by setting its sights on next generation renewable technologies.  These will create economic wealth, improve environmental sustainability, operate self sufficiently, and expand our renewable energy cluster.

To further strengthen and diversify our green cluster, the province will build on strengths such as:

  • Innovations and opportunities that develop from the future of the PEI Hydrogen Village project.
  • Our tradition as the million acre farm to develop sustainable biomass and bio fuel initiatives.
  • Attracting new renewable energy research and development and commercialization activity by combining programming opportunities with our strong research community.
  • Exploring opportunities that incorporate sound renewable energy technologies within a sustainable network on PEI.

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